"Your craft is a muscle. You must develop it through the exercise of daily writing."

-Rachel Grove, Blurb Founder

Long Version

Short Version

I am an award winning journalist, blogger and ad copy writer.  I have had more than 600 print and web articles, advertorials and  photographs have been published in Connecticut Magazine, Greenwich Magazine, Stamford Plus, Norwalk Plus, Daytime TV, Soap Opera  Update, Soap Opera News, Soap Opera e Telenovela, Soap Opera Stelle, Connecticut Jewish Ledger, The Jewish Chronicle, The Advocate, Greenwich Time, Brooks Community Newspapers, and other publications. 


​1st Prize, Reviews, Connecticut Press Club Communications Contest (2013, 2014)
1st Prize, Business Articles, Connecticut Press Club Communications Contest (2013)
 1st Prize, Advertorials, Connecticut Press Club Communications Contest (2013)

2nd Prize, Education Articles, Connecticut Press Club Communications Contest (2013)
2nd Prize, Best Blog, Connecticut Press Club Communications Contest (2011)
Finalist, CT Pro Chapter, Society of Professional Journalists Awards (1997)


After a series of dead-end jobs that nearly ate my brain, I took the plunge into a field in which I had minimal training and no experience: journalism. I never regretted it, even though the publishing industry has yet to recover.
I remembered everything that Mr. Meany, my high school English teacher, taught me in an AP class in journalism. My initial landing was in magazines and newspapers for which I photographed actors. Soon I was a general assignment freelance writer, covering youth sports, business, crime, education, religion, and entertainment. I supplemented my high school AP journalism class with seminars run by The Poynter Institute, and learned from some of the top writers in the country.
Although I prefer to write in-depth articles, I accepted a job as a special sections editor for The Advocate, Greenwich Time and, later, Brooks Community Newspapers. I wrote profiles about health and wellness, merchants, education, cars, homes, and restaurants and did SEO write-ups for Hearst Media CT's websites.
I developed a reputation for meeting tight deadlines, which led the editor of a start-up magazine to ask me to write an article on the redevelopment of Mill River Park in Stamford. Two writers accepted the assignment, but dropped out, and he needed this article stat. I knew nothing about land use, but that didn't stop me. I picked up the phone, made lots of calls, and wrote the article while I was juggling other assignments. I delivered all of them on time.
Fast forward to the brutal media consolidation. My hours at the newspaper were dwindling, and I was hungry for more work. As every freelance writer knows, getting the assignment is the hard part. Again, I took a plunge and resuscitated a comatose writer's organization. I invited editors from high octane publications to tell writers how to hone their skills, how to get great sources, and how to get in the back door. It was better than buying Writer's Market because they told us specifically what they want and how to pitch it.
For me, writing is like owning a restaurant. There is no room for waste. You can use remaining ingredients to create other dishes. Those dead-end jobs did more than just pay the bills. I passed the Series 7 test and learned bookkeeping, which gave me a better understanding of the business world than most business writers have. I also developed superb organizational skills. Every editor I've worked with on special sections gets an ongoing status from my. When I submit an article, I include a list of my sources.
When not writing, I do kick-ass PowerPoint presentations - not just the ones with endless pages of bullet points, but visuals that deliver the message.
Why hire me? Because I write well, submit clean work, and deliver on time.  I am always up for more challenges. But don't take my word for it. Check out my recommendations.